It’s all about Saving the Environment

How do you make sure that your plastic container doesn’t end as trash? Do you feel like helping the new circular economy? We can all make a positive impact

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It’s all about Promoting Sustainability

8 million tons of plastic ends in oceans every year.
By 2050 there will be more plastic in weight than fishes.
72% of plastic end in nature or in landfill

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It’s all about helping mother nature

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
--Albert Einstein

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How ZeLoop works

Protecting the Environment is a serious matter but our APP will make it fun and rewarding.

Recycle Plastic

Collect your used plastic bottles and drop them at one of our collecting point.

Get Rewarded

Gain tokens, trophies, medals and much more for every one of your actions.

Redeem Rewards

Swap your eco rewards against items you love or trade them for actual money.

  • Geolocation

    We will show you where the closest collection points are located.

  • Dashboard

    Hero status.
    Trophies and medals collected.
    Metrics such as bottles collected.

  • Forum

    Share tips on plastic circular economy. Vote for tips. Earn medals for best tips.

  • Wallet

    Manage your Rewards.

  • Competitions

    See how you compete against the community

  • Eco Missions

    Participate in challenges in your community to win prices.

  • Prize Pool

    Qualify for lucky draws as your Hero evolves.

  • Community Based

    Share your achievements with your community on social media and more.

Register and start collecting

Earning Rewards is as simple as collecting plastic bottles and dropping them at dedicated places

Tired of « Pay to Win » games? Play to Earn with Zeloop

Collect bottles, take a picture, drop them and claim your Eco Rewards. Every action you take will grant medals to your Hero. Become the champion of the new circular plastic economy


Join the community.

Alone we can do things but together we will do more.Share experience with other collectorsLearn new tips about circular economy Show your Hero progress in social media and get the recognition you deserve.

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Meet Our Team

Driven by Blockchain and its potential for the world.
We design solutions for a healthier planet, society and humanity.


Eric Schaffner

Founder & CEO


Tuan Pham

Founding Partner


Fabien Chung

Founding Partner


Alexandre Rigaud

Founding Partner