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See how all this works.
It’s simple and fun.

Spot plastic bottles around you and collect them.

Some careless people are trashing plastic bottles around polluting our planet with plastic. Collect those bottles or bring your own as part of ZeLoop community.

Drop them on the Mapped Location in the ZeLoop App

In the ZeLoop app, there are designated drop-off points where you can deposit these collected plastic bottles for recycling.

You can also map new collection points.

You can create and map new deposit points at any location. It can be a recycling bin, a drop-off center or a reverse vending machine.

Take a picture and
upload it

From 1 to 10 bottles, declare the bottle count when you submit. If you have a lot of bottles that you don’t want to count yourself, you can use the “I feel lucky” button to submit them and let us assess the number for you. Make sure all bottles are visible in the picture and earn 100 Eco Rewards per bottle validated.

You will be rewarded with
Eco Rewards.

Earn instant reward points and redeem them anytime.

Eco Rewards Earned500
Eco Rewards Redeemed85

Become a Hero, Make an
Impact and
Be a part of Change.

Become a HERO! Contribute to Fight Pollution.
Save the Environment and be rewarded by ZeLoop
Download and register now. 

We’re always looking for innovative ways to help the environment and combat climate change… You may not have time to always hunt for used plastic bottles with ZeLoop App but we have a solution! Thanks to ZeLoop Impact, you can contribute to fighting pollution, for free, when you shop online

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