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Real Tickle Tickle

Tickle Tickle

All about Real Tickle Tickle:

Our brand was born out of a parent’s desire, to provide gender-neutral affordable organic capsule essential clothing and personalized, meaningful gift hampers to this region. We also aim to help parents who want to make sustainability a part of their lifestyle and not treat it as a one-time purchase.

We don’t do, fade and fast fashion; our focus is on basics, what kids tend to wear in and out during the initial years.

How does ZeLoop close the loop with Real Tickle Tickle?

ZeLoop helps us contribute to giving back to those who share our eco values by helping clean all kinds of plastic waste including microplastic that is a release from poly fabrics, causing immense water pollution.

Here’s a little message from our partner for ZeLoopians:

Every bit counts and every bottle collection matters. It’s important to do our part and help make a difference.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


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