Unum Music Festival Collaborates with ZeLoop for Greener Impact

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We are thrilled to share our collaboration with the UNUM Music Festival and the OMNES association. This open-air electronic music festival at Rana e Hedhun Beach in Shengjin, Albania, brings together people from all walks of life. This festival celebrates the five simple elements of life: music, sand, pines, the sea, and the mountains. The UNUM festival is committing to sustainable development and is partnering with ZeLoop to tackle cigarette butt littering.

The UNUM Green Team’s Vision for Sustainability

Mousa, the co-founder of UNUM Festival, has been actively exploring ways to ensure the wonderful event has a greener outcome. Over the past two editions, he has been relentless to make sustainability a core aspect of the festival’s identity. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on areas like sustainable development and waste management to facilitate the event’s ecological transition.

This determination led him to meet Lola, the Head Officer of the OMNES association, whose mission aligns perfectly with Mousa’s vision for sustainability. Together, they formed the UNUM Green Team, a group dedicated to driving positive change and advancing the festival’s sustainable practices.

In their quest for innovative solutions, the UNUM Green Team joined forces with ZeLoop. Our goal aligns perfectly with the UNUM Green Team’s vision to inspire visitors to actively participate in making the event greener.

Fighting Cigarette Butt Litter with ZeLoop

One of the significant environmental challenges at open-air festivals is cigarette butt littering. These small but harmful items often find their way onto beaches, causing pollution and harm to marine life. Recognizing this issue, the UNUM Green Team along with ZeLoop, launched a campaign to address cigarette butt littering at the festival.

Festival attendees are encouraged to participate in the campaign using ZeLoop’s latest onboarding feature. Visitors can collect and dispose of cigarette butts using the ZeLoop App, can earn rewards, and contribute to the festival’s sustainability goals.

As we celebrate the union of music, nature, and sustainability at the UNUM Music Festival, we are reminded of the power of collective efforts in preserving our planet. Finally, UNUM Green Team’s vision and ZeLoop’s innovative technology empowers festival-goers to make a difference. Taking small eco-friendly actions can have a significant positive impact on the environment.


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