UAE Blockchain enabled mobile platform for recycling partners with Dettol

Stall with ZeLoop and Dettol Partnership

Dettol has joined hands with ZeLoop for a safe and sustainable future

This article by ‘Unlock’ talks about how Dettol has joined hands with ZeLoop for a safe and sustainable future. The article explains how both companies have aligned their goals for the betterment of the community.

An excerpt from the article – 

“Dettol has partnered with UAE -based startup ZeLoop to offer consumers a simple and convenient way to recycle their hygiene goods packaging. ZeLoop is a mobile platform that aims to shift consumer behavior by rewarding users for collecting & recycling plastic waste, ultimately minimizing waste from cluttering landfills. The app leverages blockchain technology to allow users to record new deposit spots, validate collected plastic amounts, and exchange rewards for a donation towards other initiatives that drive a circular economy, accelerating efforts towards a healthier planet.”

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