Take a walk in the real and virtual worlds, recycle plastic bottles, earn money and in-game rewards!

“It is up to every company to think about preserving our environment. All of us have to rethink our daily actions to preserve our planet at all levels.We, PlayTIX and ZeLoop, developed new ways of entertaining, educating and involving our players into eco-friendly actions. The blockchain and the interest given to NFT gaming is a strategic key: we want to support our audience, teach and involve them into good practices that will grant instant rewards and link it to an eco-friendly behavior. Harmonia game brings ecology as a way of earning in the virtual world.”  Virgin Comolli CMO of PlayTiX

So, two Web3 companies team up to educate and take 4 in 1 action for the environment in a meaningful way combining technologies, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and eco-responsible actions.

Gaming encounters the new technology revolution: the blockchain. We optimized the use of this new technology for a minimized carbon footprint. We took actions to preserve the environment because every use has an eco-impact and it is the best time to create new habits.

Every user can play eco-friendly games now.

“We know that the motto “I do this because it is good for the planet” is not sufficient to engage people otherwise there wouldn’t be any pollution around. We are excited to create the world’s first motivation scheme that blends virtual gaming with real-life actions. We bring the power of NFT into the hands of ecology”.  Eric Schaffner CEO of ZeLoop.

ZeLoop incentivizes people for eco-friendly actions such as collecting plastic bottles in the real-life and PlayTiX put environmental quests inside their first mobile game: Harmonia: Goya’s Land that rewards the player for their good eco-friendly actions. The game brings ecology into the two worlds.

Moreover, in partnership with Eden Reforestation, every tree planted in the game is planted in the real world, minimizing again the impact of the game on the environment and giving power to the players with governance tokens, allowing them to vote for the next environmental actions. That is the power of NFTs in the hands of ecology.

ZeLoop empowers businesses and institutions to incentivize end-users in embodying pro- environmental behaviors. Thanks to its unique technology users earn rewards for every eco-friendly action wherever they are.

On the other hand, PlayTiX is a gaming studio with deep knowledge of blockchain mechanics and a strong will to minimize the impact of humanity on the environment. They jointly create new ways of participating in real life and in the game for the preservation of our planet.

To summarize, ZeLoop and PlayTiX work together to propose innovative new ways of earning via ecological actions that benefit the environment. Gaming and ecology as a whole for the present and future of our planet.


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