Sustainable living starts at home, at an individual level” as JROrganics CEO says

All about JROrganics:

JROrganics is a Philippine-based company. It opened its E-store in 2020 with the belief that sustainable living starts at home, at an individual level, and with everyday personal care needs. This is why we launched a cost-effective portfolio of personal care and grooming products, each designed to solely focus on your everyday needs. Switch away from your current plastic products now and create a conscious consumption cycle that benefits everyone!

How does ZeLoop close the loop with JR Organics?

In partnership with Zeloop, we are revolutionizing the much-needed recycling behavior! With the recycle for rewards
approach, people feel motivated to incorporate recycling into their lifestyle! With the Zeloop system, we can all work together to keep our world clean while reaping JR Organics rewards.

Here’s a little message from our partner for ZeLoopians:

We can never have enough nature! Time is crucial and we may be running out. We are all missing valuable opportunities to make a change to help our planet. But sometimes later becomes never. Together with JR Organics and Zeloop, we give you the tools you need to take the steps to become a Zeloopian! The greatest drawback is the belief that someone else will make the change for you.



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