The Solar Impulse Foundation Grants ZeLoop the Label

Good news for all our ZeLoopians! We’ve officially been accredited with the Solar Impulse label. What is the Solar Impulse Foundation you ask? Well, the ZeLoop blog is here to tell you all about the promotion of sustainable solutions through this label.

Launched by Bertrand Piccard, the Solar Impulse Foundation aims to select 1000 solutions that are centered on protecting the environment and helps them fast-track their implementation. There are 15 different categories that the foundation focuses on which include circular economy, plastic pollution, and land pollution.

Solutions exist that are logical more than just ecological, that can create jobs and generate profit while also reducing polluting emissions and preserving natural resources” – Bertrand Piccard.

All about the label:

The label assesses proposed solutions for clean and profitable ones. A neutral and certified methodology is used where a pool of experts judge and verify if a solution meets the criteria and is worthy of the label. It makes it easier to identify the clean and profitable solutions that are bound to enhance the quality of life. A solution must be commercialized, in its maturity stage and contribute to at least one of the certain Sustainable Development Goals.

The team promises to continue assigning labels to companies as and when a sustainable effort is spotted however their initial goal is to reach 1000 companies, startups, and ideas. We at ZeLoop are proud to be one of the first 1000 and also the first company awarded in GCC.

The Solar Flight

One of the most historic flights took place where the solar impulse foundation brought every clean energy fantasy to life by flying 40,000 km around the globe without a drop of fuel. The solar-powered flight was powered solely by the sun and emitted nothing pollution, making it the first-ever zero-carbon flight to take place. The vision behind the flight was to prove that the seemingly most unattainable task of using clean energy to power a flight can be made possible if you’re passionate enough. The aircraft was scheduled to return to Abu Dhabi in August 2015 after a multi-stage journey around the world. By June 2015, the plane had traversed Asia, and in July 2015, it completed the longest leg of its journey, from Japan to Hawaii.

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg have done an excellent job proving that climate mitigation is not a financial burden but rather a great opportunity. Similar to the vision of ZeLoop, which gives you ECOREWARDS in exchange for plastic bottles and saving the environment and reminding us that saving the environment does not come at a cost but with a reward.


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  1. So proud to be the first company in GCC getting this prestigious label!

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