We keep waste out of our land and seas” is SeaYou Watersports and Zeloop eco mission!

SeaYou WaterWorks

All about SeaYou Watersports:

SeaYou Watersports is Dubai’s leading non-motorized watersports center offering residents and tourists of all ages and abilities access to premium and tailored-made watersports activities from rentals, private and group lessons to guided tours.

How does ZeLoop close the loop with SeaYou Watersports?

ZeLoop helps us connect with like-minded people who want to take care of our planet the same way we care about it too. At the same time, it gives us exposure and puts up there with the brands fighting to make an impact.

Here’s a little message from our partner for ZeLoopians:

Only together can we accomplish our mission to keep waste out of our land and seas.

Check out our latest new at https://zeloop.net/blog/news


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