French sports personalities encourage recycling and pause among waste

It is possible to assemble the sport and waste. Nearly ten French sportsmen paused among waste to raise awareness about recycling and the different ways to do it.


In a recycling center located in Frejus (south of France), Mathieu Navillod, a professional skier called on renowned sportsmen for taking some pictures surrounded by garbages.


“From meeting to meeting, I had this idea and we finally succeeded” explains Mathieu.


Renowned sportsmen such as the Olympic ski cross champion Jean-Frédéric Chapuis or Kilian Jornet answered the call. Mathieu didn’t choose them by chance: “All those who answered present are touched by this affair. They’re all in the world of outdoor sports and nature is their playground. And of course, they want to preserve it”.

Each athlete who participated appears in two types of picture: ​one among the garbages and another one showing what could be a good solution to recycle it.


“Of course we wanted to show the bad side of things to alert people, but our idea is really to propose solutions, to create them, not just to say” look at this disaster “. So we made a problem photo and a solution photo” explains the skier.

They decided together not to call for any sponsors.​ ​ A friend working as a photographer for the environment, Dominique Daher has been chosen to take the pictures. Everyone participated for free.


The reactions came out at an incredible speed: “I received a lot of calls from universities to ask us to come and discuss with the students​. ​ We obviously tried to bring together sportsmen who have a large community, to reach as many people as possible”, continues the proud organizer. “If the project really takes off, I’d like to create an association to widespread the fact that everyone can do something for the environment”


Recycling is also Zeloop’s goal, a start-up that is currently developing an application that should be operational by the end of the year in France after a test phase carried out in Dubai during the spring.

This gaming application will contribute to recycling plastic bottles by bringing them to a collection point and will reward users of the applications. ZELOOP will also own a forum where your tips to contribute to the circular economy could be shared. …


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