Paper and wool recycling have been a common practice

While technology never ceases to amaze and has found the most beneficial and innovative ways to integrate into our day to day activities, there is a broader spectrum on which a lot of technologies function. Today, we discuss how recycling technology came into existence, to understand the concept a little better and feel its significance a little more with paper and wool recycling.

If we were to ask who invented recycling or try and pinpoint the exact date and time of its birth, well, there would be no definite answer to the question. Human evolution and thousands of years of practice have all shaped the ideology behind this important technology.

In context to reusing, paper recycling has been a common practice since the early 1013 and started in Japan. Since resources were limited in the ancient era, it was a cultural norm to recycle and repurpose everyday items without technological interference.

During the Heian Period, the workers in the country merged with the common society, and the state no longer held control. This lead to private owners building paper mills and hiring these workers. This was the first officially recorded event of paper recycling.

In 1813, a process known as the ‘shoddy process’ came into existence which recycled wool from old clothes and rags. Over 7000 tons of recycled wool was then produced per year.

By 1904, recycling became a much more known process around the world and large-scale production of Aluminum began from recycling its constituent products.

During the first and second world wars, resource management became integral for survival. The US and Great Britain, both approached the general public for help in this matter. Recycling propaganda was launched and the citizens were asked to be smarter with their waste management. Proper separation before disposal was encouraged and taught and they were also instructed to take waste cooking fats to the local meat dealers to in turn produce fuel for explosives.

As we’ve progressed through the years, there has been an obvious advancement in the methodologies applied and how we recycle. In earlier days, recycling was carried out for survival and to keep resources intact. Livelihood is no longer at stake which is why we often forget the intensity of the situation and its importance.

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  1. When I was glad to learn something new from this article! Recent studies show that Roman organised main cities so that waste could be reused

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