Reduction of plastic waste while having fun and winning rewards

Participating in the recognition and implementation of the circular economy is essential at the present time. Its aim is to produce sustainably by putting the brakes on consumption and waste. Regulating in this way allows the reuse, repair, and recycling of consumed products. How can the collection make the difference? How much can a change of habit impact our environment?

Consumers at the heart of the process

Since only actions mark consciences, we must act. As economic and social actors and therefore citizens, our actions are observed and studied. Our ways of consuming and treating our products in particular. And it is in this sense that we have a real responsibility.

From new behaviors to habits

“ Closing the loop ” and implement a circular economy by changing our purchasing behavior. By showing that we buy in a reasoned way for example but also by making our recycling and anti-waste approaches become habits. Thus, retail stores and plastic companies will be economically inclined to adapt to their consumers.

Examples at the food level

You only have to see the efforts that brands make in terms of the nutritional score of their food. A few years back, some products did not even mention their entire composition. Since consumers are more aware and responsible for their food, brands go out of their way to seduce a range of consumers willing to be informed.

The same goes for waste. It has only been a few years since major retailers can be substantially fined if they buy more than they can sell. Through mobilization, petitions, quite simple actions, distributors have been pushed for increased exemplarity so as not to get bad publicity.

Getting into the habit of collecting

We must be the change we want to see in the world, as Gandhi simply said. The gesture of collecting for recycling can change everything. In effect, adopting ZeLoop is part of the responsible, civic-minded actions that will help our planet to breathe better. ZeLoop is an application that allows us to engage daily on plastics as responsible consumers and citizens. It teaches us and encourages us to collect, recycle and help in the reduction plastic waste.

The more we help collect and recycle our plastic bottles, the more experience our avatar in the application gains experience levels. Each level gives us access to rewards. The “ gaming ” aspect of the application then makes it possible to participate in the reduction of plastic waste while having fun and winning rewards.

Keep hope for the future

There is an urgent need to act if we do not want to see our planet irrevocably damaged. We must change our habits so as not to see our environment polluted with plastic particles in every living being. If nothing changes, in less than thirty years the weight of the fish will be less than the weight of the plastic in our oceans.

Banning plastic from the surface of the globe is not a feasible or desirable option, we must correct the way we consume as quickly as possible to learn how to use it properly and therefore to recycle it well. Consume reasonably while streaming the production of non-recyclable plastic. Collect the one that is and recycle it.

Together with ZeLoop

This will be long-term work and for it to be successful we must all do our part. Fortunately, to help and motivate us, there are people who are aware of the magnitude of the problem and determined to make things happen. Like the founders of the ZeLoop application. It helps us to come together as a community and uses the principles of games to motivate us, challenge us, and reward us for our collections and actions to recycle and aid in the reduction of plastic waste.

Taking care of the environment with ZeLoop means being supported by an active and concerned community, feeling useful and civic-minded. We have rights and duties that do not apply only to the social or political fields. Above all, our planet allows us to be here. If we want it stays that way, it is up to us to ensure that it remains a healthy environment. Let’s showcase our eco-friendly behaviors and those of our loved ones thanks to ZeLoop and all together, help save the planet.


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