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Mai Dubai LLC is a leading bottled water company in the UAE, that is fully owned by DEWA. Since the establishment of the brand in December 2012, with quality, innovation, and safety as core values, it has grown to become the second-biggest bottled water brand in the UAE.   Mai Dubai has marked its second consecutive year of achieving a net-zero energy consumption and cutting down its overall carbon footprint. The company’s rooftop solar panel installations produced more than 30 million kWh of energy in 2021 while consuming only 29 million kWh. The excess energy was exported to DEWA power grid, contributing to the UAE’s efforts to increase its renewable energy solutions. Mai Dubai’s more than 52,000 rooftop solar power panels have been powering the entire factory and the onsite offices with clean energy since 2019. The solar installation reduced the company’s carbon dioxide emissions by over 13,432 metric tons in 2021 – which is equivalent to carbon emissions produced from an average passenger vehicle if driven for 33,757,274 miles in a year.


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